Woodland Welding Works is capable of manufacturing aftermarket parts for various types of farm equipment. Row crop and tomato harvesters are examples of these types of fabrications. Please feel free to contact us regarding any accessories your existing machinery may require


The All Purpose Non Powered Mulcher is a high productivity implement, with low maintenance and unmatched durability. With this machine it possible to list, bed shape, preplant, side dress, lay by, and incorporate, all at 7mph. Adjustable tilling depths, bed heights, and furrow widths give the All Purpose Non Powered Mulcher unparalleled versatility.

Tested and validated by an independent and accredited agronomist, the All Purpose Non Powered Mulcher was proven to incorporate herbicide faster and more effectively then any other implement available, both powered and non powered.


The Non Powered Reformer was specifically designed for high productivity, low maintenance and unmatched durability. Bedtop and furrow ripping, vine cutting, herbicide incorporating, nutrient mixing and bedtop shaping is all incorporated into one implement.

A uniquely designed coulter-roller system allows for effective and efficient vine cutting, which can be done almost immediately after a harvest. The functionality of a tomato vine shredder, typically found in harvesters, has been incorporated and fortified into the Reformer’s design. The rear cultivating-roller system incorporates herbicides and fertilizers into the soil, all while mixing plant remains for compost during the winter months.


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