Miller 60 Series Wire Feeder

The 60 series is a general purpose wire feeder used for many welding applications. The heavy-duty design provides performance in the most demanding MIG applications.

Miller Model CP-200 Welder

The CP-200 provides the premium MIG arc characteristics for difficult-to-weld metals when high-quality welds are needed. Tapped slope offers the precise arc and puddle control required for products where welds must be visually attractive because they are exposed to the view of the final customer. Simple, rugged technology offers exceptional reliability, while inherent electrical efficiency yields long- term operating cost savings. The CP-200 is especially well-suited for MIG welding of stainless steel, aluminum and mild steel in metal fabrication and small equipment manufacturing-especially when weldments require very aesthetic beads.

Miller Delta Weld 450 Welder

The Deltaweld 450 delivers a potent 450 amps of welding output at 100% duty cycle. Proven design, rugged construction and improved components offer durability and exceptional welding performance. And that translates into production efficiency and profitability. Standard features make it simple to operate. The Deltaweld 450 is an excellent choice for welding everything from sheet metal assemblies to weldments on thick materials.

Miller Dimension 452 Welder

The Dimension 452 from Miller will give you exceptional performance with the reliability needed in high-production environments. This system is ideal for work ranging from light gauge assemblies to the thick weldments found in the railroad and ship building industry.

Miller Model SRH-666 Welder

The SRH power sources are reliable favorites because of their history or proven durability. Welders have come to appreciate the SRH’s ability to get the job done over a wide range of applications. Available in 300 and 400 amp models, the SRH units can be paralleled when higher amperage is needed.

Miller Syncrowave 300 Welder

The Syncrowave 300 delivers excellent welding performance, control and versatility. The basic machine includes all the essential features you need for high-precision AC/DC TIG welding, plus the flexibility to handle a wide variety of metals. The Syncrowave 300 offers an effective solution in any light industrial situation that requires constant current Squarewave technology.

Lincoln Model LN-25 Combination Wedler & Wire Feeder

The LN-25 semiautomatic wire feeder is ideal for field or construction use, featuring a tool-less quick release mechanism for easy wire changing.

Lincoln SP-125 Comination Welder & Wire Feeder

The SP-135 Plus combines a wire feeder and welder with features that allow anyone to make great welds. It is one of the few portable, MIG & flux-cored packages on the market to feature continuous voltage adjustment for tight procedure control. With a convenient 115V input and 135 amps of welding power you can weld a multitude of applications from home and farm repair projects to body work in automotive shops. Also great for welding stainless steel and aluminum.

Lincoln Square Wave Tig 355 Welder

The TIG 355 delivers the Power to Perform – setting a new standard in Square Wave Technology. Combining outstanding value-added features and patent-pending Micro-Start™ Technology, the TIG 355 has the widest range of welding current in its class featuring up to 25 more amps of power at 40% duty cycle and a superior low-end. This machine comes standard with full featured sequencing and pulsing controls and power factor correction.

Pro Weld CD-212 Stud Welder

The CD-212 is a state-of-the-art solid state capacitor discharge stud/pin welder. Its lightweight design increases portability but with the power to weld 1/4″ diameter flanged studs. The extremely short weld time of capacitor discharge process allows studs to be welded to material as thin as .015 without burn-through. The unit is capable of welding mild steel, stainless and aluminum studs, ranging from 14ga through 1/4″ diameter.