AccurPress Model 717512 Press Brake

This 175 ton capacity 14′ table press brake has repeat accuracy of +/- 0.001″, which is obtained via the ETS programmable logic control. The 2′ horn allows for unusual bends and a large assortment of stock punches and dies are used to provide the most desirable formed applications.

Imcar Model TSIH 3/3 Sheet Roller

This hydraulic 3-roll plate bending machine, with a 48″ wide x 10ga. steel capacity, posesses pre-bending capabilities and is used for most small job applications. Bending Lenghth: 1000 up to 3000 mm. Bending Thickness: 2 up to 6 mm             


Carell Model SIHR 10/4 Plate Roller

This plate roll will prebend 3/8″ plate at full length and roll 1/2″ plate. SIHR units are 3-roll, double initial pinch, plate bending machines with independent hydraulic adjustment posessing up/down and inclination of both lateral rolls, and hydraulic drop end and hydraulic powered rotation of all three rolls. This roll provides a desirable start and finish bend.  

Soco NC Hydraulic Bending Machine

NC control unit with touch screen, easy for operator to communicate with the control unit and input data, especially for pre-setting the plane angles. Can pre-set plane angles and 8 feeding length stoppers. High bending accuracy, repeatability of ± 0.1 degree. Plane angle’s accuracy in ±0.2 degree. Electronic self-diagnostics and display the problem on screen. Direct acting hydraulic clamp & hydraulic booster and high hydraulic pressure automatically extract the mandrel.


Ineco Model QB-76 VDE Tube Bender

This pipe and tube bender has a 2″ schedule 40 capacity and is used for most industrial applications. Square or rectangular applications are available as well.  

Eagle Model CP40H Pipe Bender

Powerful 2″ capacity section bender. Three hydraulic driven rolls. Push buttion controls on detached mobil pulpit complete with LED display and automatic position repeat “APR” system. Integral hydraulic power unit, NR valves and maximum pressure protection. This equipment is used for architectural and agricultural applications.