Timesavers Model 137-2HDCMW

This machine is a wet application machine, containing two abrasive heads, used for obtaining consistently clean, highest quality finishes for all types of square, rectangular, and sheet metal parts.

2000 Series Commercial Blast Machine

This blast cleaning system removes corrosion, mill scale, and coatings from a wide variety of surfaces, while producing a surface profile for surface bonding applications. Sand, copper slag, glass beads and crushed glass are only several of many types of abrasives used to provide long lasting finished coatings.             

Finishing Solutions Electric Weld Cleaner

The electronic weld cleaner is the ultimate clean up tool for doing the finest quality metal finishing. It neutralizes weld burns on stainless steel, fast and efficiently.      

Kalamazoo Combo Sander

This combo sander is used as a general purpose tool for cleaning and deburring small parts during fabrication.